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sincerely, tied

the best partnership since cookies & ice cream. we've partnered with flower moxie to bring you affordable, fresh flowers that you can handle! you'll get designer grade flowers plus all the resources you need to diy it. 

click the button below and we'll be sure to include flower moxie flowers in your design proposal

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it's worth the risk
(because there isn't one!)

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Perfectly Matched

When you work with us, you get matched with a professional designer to fit you and to answer your every question.

Affordable Wedding Planners Near Me

Money Back Guarantee

If you're not sure Sincerely Tied is right for you after your initial consultation, receive a full refund no questions asked. 

Affordable Wedding Planners Near Me

Payment Plans

Weddings can drain your bank account. That's why we have monthly payment plans available for you. 

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