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A few things to note...

More on our product policies and disclaimers

Shipping Time

Sincerely, Tied is a fully virtual service. We take our time to truly design a one-of-a-kind wedding for you while keeping your budget and style in mind. Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your designs in your design studio. 

Vendor Information

In your box, we provide contact information for any and all vendors used to create your custom design proposal. Once you receive your designs, you are able to contact these vendors at anytime to place your orders and/or reservations. 

If you have any questions pertaining to vendor information, please contact us at 404.369.0724 or

Pricing Information

Sincerely, Tied does not guarantee pricing on any design items used in your design proposals. The right to increase or decrease prices rests with the vendors listed. 

However, for this reason, Sincerely, Tied tries its best to use decor prices within our own inventory to guarantee pricing. If we feel that third party decor pieces might suit your style and or budget better, we will always list the going retail price for each item. Sale prices and discount prices will not be used. Prior to ordering any items, please confirm that pricing is as listed in your design box. 

Our Maximum Price Guarantee

If for any reason, your design proposal lists a price for an item that is lower than advertised directly by the vendor listed, please email us at info@sincerelytied with a screenshot of the advertised price. We will be sure to replace the item with a more comparable item and provide the updated item to you via email within 3 business days. 

Item Availability

Sincerely, Tied does not guarantee the availability of design items used in your design proposal after your order. For more popular dates, design items may become reserved more quickly. If you are planning to marry during high demand months, we recommend ordering/reserving your items earlier (2-3 mths prior) to increase availability. 

Payment Methods

We Accept:


- Discover

- American Express

- Mastercard

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