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humble beginnings

sincerely, tied was created to bring couples closer to their dream wedding designs affordably. 

In an industry that has faced market fluctuations, increased shipping costs, and rising costs of materials, it's no wonder the average cost of weddings has continued to increase over the years. we're here to circumvent that and provide our couples with doable, affordable designs that are photo worthy by thinking outside of the box on how wedding design has to be done.

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Perfectly Matched

 We match you with a professional designer that understands you and your aesthetic


Money Back Guarantee

If you're not sure Sincerely Tied is right for you after your initial consultation, receive a full refund no questions asked. 


Payment Plans

Weddings can drain your bank account. That's why we have monthly payment plans available for you. 

it's worth the risk
(because there isn't one!)

Satisfaction Guarantee
How It Started

I diy'd my wedding with a 

Founder of Sincerely, Tied

Marnetia Amaning, Founder & Wedding Planner-Designer


After getting engaged, my fiancé (now husband) and I had a heartfelt discussion about what we wanted our wedding to be. We were never super fancy so a very expensive wedding was immediately off the list. What I didn't expect was as we discussed further we both felt that spending a ton of money on a wedding was insane to us. We thought about what we wanted to spend financially and at the time $15,000 felt like a doable budget. 


Weeks later, I thought I could handle it as I  attempted to DIY my wedding without professional help and with a tight budget. Things started off alright...then things got rocky. 

I had a few places I could shop for little knick knack decor items but as I got into the real, I found it hard to find affordable vendors, flowers, cakes...well, everything! Not only were the invoices piling up but I realized there were also so many little small priced things (I forgot about) that were starting to eat away at my budget. 

After another conversation with my fiancé, it was evident that spending $15k wasn't least not without help. 

While I didn't have help for my wedding...I became passionate about helping other brides through the same struggles I went through and decided to become a Wedding Planner-Designer. Years in the industry finally taught me the things I needed to know to keep wedding costs down. Years later, I felt a strong need in the bridal community for affordable weddings and thus created Sincerely, Tied to support DIY Brides through planning but to also provide affordable design options for them so they could still have their dream day. 

I hope that you'll find Sincerely, Tied to be your perfect solution! 

And wound up spending over $30,000! 

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